Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan In 2024

Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan

Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan

History Of Lipton Tea

Lipton tea can be found in almost every supermarket, and the brand is almost synonymous with industrial Big Tea. Tea lovers who have smelled the famous square bags may be surprised to learn that there was a time when Lipton was known as the “bottom of the table” tea world. In fact, sold with the slogan “straight from tea garden to teapot”.

How did Thomas Lipton build this tea empire?

Lipton has already become the number one cashier in front of the tea sector. He was the son of an Irish grocer, and in Glasgow in 1871, he was the first to establish a successful supermarket chain, making him a wealthy man by the age of 40.

But he saw it as an opportunity for the British working class to become even richer. By the mid-19th century, tea had become a popular drink among all social classes in Britain, but it remained something of a domestic luxury. Stores sold loose tea for what was then fifty cents a pound, an amount he knew was far off for a working-class family living on ten dollars a week. Lipton saw an opportunity: why not eliminate the middle?


Lipton believed he could lower the retail price of tea to an affordable 30 cents per pound and still make a good profit. The highest incomes in the tea sector are currently returning. To lower the price, you’ll want to stop buying from them and grow your tea. And when he understood that the earth needs earth, the earth needs earth.

To fend off potential competitors, he booked a ‘festival’ in Australia but secretly traveled to Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.

Taprobane was one of the largest coffee producers in the world. But in the late 1860s, a fungus arrived and destroyed this industry. Some planters fled, while others turned to tea, which proved to be the best substitute.

Growing Places

Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan

The tea grew in the middle of the mountainous island, had a rich, sweet flavor, clear and golden in the cup, and proved popular at Mincing Lane, the London tea auction house. When Lipton arrived in June 1890, Ceylon was already exporting about 45 million pounds of tea a year.

However, the island was still recovering from the collapse of the industry and the drop in the price of ground coffee.

“You can buy real estate cheap here,” Lipton’s manager told him.

Lipton occupied five properties and soon owned twelve. He planted his own tea and installed machinery capable of supporting increased production.

Before Lipton, sellers measured the weight of tea in wooden crates and placed them in paper packets. Lipton came up with the original idea of selling it in quarter, half, and full pound packages. Standardization would be easier for stores to manage. Another great advantage: this helps to remove customer doubts about the accuracy of the cellar balance or the origin of the tea.

Author of The Full Cup: Thomas Lipton’s Extraordinary Life and Research. For the America’s Cup, he told NPR in 2010. “And it sold for half the price of the other artists, so it was a big success.”

Lipton is known for selling certain products at affordable prices. Another advantage: Lipton was able to display its products directly on the packaging. First, a photo of a Tamil tea picker with the slogan above: “Straight from the tea garden to the teapot.”

The packaging was so successful that Lipton began selling its tea not only in its stores but also through other retailers in the United Kingdom. And further. In 1893, he went to the Chicago World’s Fair, where he sold millions of packages of Ceylon tea.

Soon, Lipton’s famous yellow label with a red crest was ubiquitous, and the tea became popular in America and Britain. But this popularity meant that Lipton could no longer grow all the teas needed to meet demand. He was forced to buy from brokers until a small portion of the tea came from his farms.

Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan In 2024

The price of Lipton tea varies depending on the type and size of the package. Generally, the price range of Lipton Tea products is between PKR 100 and PKR 500.

Lipton tea 1kg price in Pakistan

Lipton Yellow Label Tea 800 gram

Price > PKR 1935.00 Location: Pakistan

Taste: This Tea Is Very Famous In Pakistan because of Its Taste; if You Haven’t Tried It, try it once. It becomes your habit. 


It also Has other kinds Of Drinks, Such As Green Tea And Other Products. They Are used for losing weight and to make you recharge and make you. After Having a Meal, You Should Mix The Back In The Hot Water And Drink; it Will Terminate Your Tummy Fat,


How much is Lipton 170 grams in Pakistan?

PKR 349.00 PKR 400.00 (VAT included) 13% off.

How much is Lipton 430-gram tea in Pakistan?

PKR 1200.00(Inc. VAT)

What is the cost of Lipton?

The price of Lipton Yellow Label Tea – 50g x 25 on Mart.NG is ₦230.

Is Lipton 100% natural?

The blend, created by our master blender, carefully selected freshly pressed tea leaves, capturing the most natural flavor and aroma. Lipton American Library tea is 100% natural, Rainforest Alliance certified, and can be served hot or filtered.


In the world of beverages, Lipton tea is an iconic symbol of warmth, comfort, and timeless tradition. As we travel through the aromatic landscapes and rich flavors that Lipton Tea reveals, it becomes clear that this renowned brand has been woven into our daily lives, creating moments of comfort and connection.

Lipton’s commitment to quality is not just limited to its exclusive blend of tea leaves; This extends to the essence of the tea-drinking experience. From the first delicate aroma that wafts through the air when hot water hits the tea bag to the relaxing flavor that envelops your senses with every sip, Lipton transcends simple refreshment: it becomes a ritual, a conscious pause in the hustle and bustle. And the hustle and bustle of life.

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