Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Introduction To Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Here Are Top top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan. Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in population. Most of the majority in Pakistan prefer to wear shalwar kameez. The national dress of Pakistan is also the shalwar kameez. Apart from the fashion industry in Pakistan, it is very popular. 

Therefore, there are many fashion brands in Pakistan. Every brand’s effort is to display more women’s clothes in the market or display men’s clothes as much as possible, or we can earn a profit because Pakistan earns most of its foreign exchange from the fashion industry.

All the clothing brands in Pakistan have their textile mills. They produce cloth in their textile mills and then display it in the big cities of Pakistan, where they have their stores. Apart from this, all the fashion brands in Pakistan have the same priority: they produce clothes according to each season. And then send them to the market to sell.

Among the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan, some brands manufacture men’s clothing and some brands manufacture women’s clothing.

Top 10 Female Clothing Brands in PakistanTop 10 Male Clothing Brands in Pakistan
1: Warda1: Bonanza Satrangi
2: Sana Safinaz2: Nishat Linen
3: Bonanza Satrangi3: Asim Jofa
4: Khaadi4: Generations
5: BeechTree5: Cross Stitch
6: limelight6: J. (Junaid Jamshed)
7: Junaid Jamshed7:Outfitters
8: Bareeze Pakistan8: Deepak Perwani
9: Alkaram Studio9:Alkaram
10: Cross Stitch10:Gul Ahmed

Female Clothing Brands in Pakistan


Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Warda is a very famous and popular Female brand in Pakistan in the fashion industry. All the suits of the Warda brand are made for ladies. Apart from this, it also makes beautiful designs and high-quality silks in its brand. Because of this, women like to wear Warda brand clothes, which can be worn in different seasons and also at different festivals and functions.

Women like to buy clothes from the Warda brand because the Warda brand makes clothes for their customers in the climates they wear. For example, warm clothes are worn in winter, along with warm clothes, Khadar clothes are also worn. So, it provides very good quality of its clothes even in winter or in every season.

Sana Safinaz:

When we talk about women’s clothing, Sana Safinaz is also a very famous brand. The special thing about Sana Safinaz’s clothes is that her clothes are a little expensive but her clothes are very light. Due to this, if we buy clothes in summer, their clothes are very light in summer too. We people can wear them because of the good fabric used in these clothes.

High Fabric

All the clothes of the Sana Safinaz brand use high-quality fabric. Sana Safinaz also uses linen silk and other beautiful fabrics, silks, and charcuterie in her clothes. The clothes are very beautiful and soft and can last for a long time.

Types of things in Sana Safinaz

At Sana Safinaz Brand, you will find many collections in their brand. If you want to buy a stitched suit, then you can easily get a stitched suit or unstitched suit and also shoes. You can buy almost all things, like your jewellery, suits, and even your shoes, from their Sana Safinaz store.

Bonanza Satrangi

Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Bonanza Satrangi is also a very famous brand in Pakistan. There are mostly young women in Pakistan who like to buy tailor-made clothes. She prefers to buy from the Bonanza Satrangi brand. Because the clothes they have sewn are very great. They sew clothes according to the fit of girls of all ages and come to their store. Also, the clothes that are stitched are stitched with good thread.

Largest Collection

You will get to see linen cotton and high-quality silk-up dresses in Bonanza Satrangi’s dresses. Apart from this, it also offers you high quality in these apparels for men, women and children. You can wear them to any function or festival. Or if you have worn it at home, then you can wear this brand of clothes.


Khaadi is a very famous brand in Pakistan. If we talk about fashion brands, Khaadi is among the top brands in Pakistan. It started in 1995 in Karachi, Pakistan. And the clothes of this brand are very well made. Apart from this, these dresses are made from Pakistani designs.

We can wear Kadi’s suits for any function. Apart from this, they are comfortable together. It has stylish dresses and also offers tops and jeans. Many young girls and homemakers like to wear these brands of dresses at weddings.


In Pakistan, if we talk about clothing brands, BeechTree is a very famous and popular brand. This brand offers very comfortable and beautiful clothes for women and girls in nice colors. The special thing about them is that you can buy unstitched and stitched dresses easily.

Apart from this, their quality is very great. They use their latest quality, like linen, silk, and cotton. Also, it is very popular in Pakistan. BeechTree dresses are suitable for everyone; if we are going to a wedding, going to a function, or going to a festival, then we can wear this brand of dress.


Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

If we talk about all the brands of women’s clothing, then Limelight is a very famous brand. We can wear limelight dresses at various functions or festivals. Also, this company provides these clothes for different seasons dif,ferent places, and different functions. This brand provides you with various dresses like shirts and gowns. Apart from this, the dresses that are in the Limelight are very fashionable and make them look more beautiful.

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is also a famous brand in Pakistan. These brands make Islamic clothes. And it makes these clothes as Islamic style. Apart from this, you will easily find stitched and unstitched clothes in this brand. 

You will find the traditional Pakistani touch-up easily in this brand. Their women’s collection is the largest and most popular. Their brand includes up to stylish dresses and loose skirts and tops duptas and other apparels.

Bareeze Pakistan

Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Breeze is a breath of fresh air in the women’s fashion industry. Breeze provides comfortable suits to its customers. Apart from this, they offer smart casual dresses and jeans for their outfits. Their dresses can be worn at any festival or function, and they are available in the market for different seasons.

Breeze offers a wide variety of women’s clothing. Their apparel includes women’s tops, women’s dresses, women’s jeans, women’s trousers, and women’s suits. Women start looking beautiful by wearing this brand.

Alkaram Studio

Alkarm brand clothes are also very awesome. But for the last few years, the sales of Alkarm brand clothes have decreased. Because of the clothes they had, they did not make the clothes in the latest way. 

Their brand of clothing will make you easily find silk fabrics and contemporary touches. In their collection, you will easily find embellished shalwar kameez, full lehengas, and elegant gowns. When you wear it in any wedding or function, you will be more beautiful.

Cross Stitch

In Pakistan, if we talk about the brand of women’s clothes, then if the name of Cross Stitch brand is taken. So, the women’s brand must be complete with Cross Stitch. Cross Stitch brand makes a wide range of apparel for women; you will easily find cross-stitch dresses in stitch dresses, simple dresses, and fashion dresses in their collection of dresses.

 Also, Cross Stitch is recognized for its beautiful brand of suits. If you have less money but want to wear a good brand of clothes, you can buy crocheted clothes.

Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

Man Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Just like there are women’s clothing brands in Pakistan, similarly, men’s clothing brands are also there. Many men like to buy and wear brand-name clothes. Because men want us to go out to any function or go to any meeting, then we should wear good fabric clothes so that he can wear our clothes for a long time.

In Pakistan, women have to go to any function by themselves. So, she wears good brand clothes. And wears a good design. We wear well-designed clothes; similarly, men also wish to wear well-branded clothes. And light embroidery in the clothes or we should keep our jackets or shawls on top. So, the beauty of men increases a lot.

1: Bonanza Satrangi 

Top 20 Clothing brands in Pakistan

When it comes to clothing brands, Bonanza Satrangi makes great men’s clothing. It also manufactures men’s clothing as well as women’s clothing. But if you buy men’s clothes from Bonanza Satrangi, you will also get stitched clothes easily. 

Apart from this, unstitched is also done in these clothes. And if you want to get an open suit, they will get you there now. Apart from this, if you want to buy pant shirts or jackets or if you want to buy open shirts, you can buy them now from Satrangi brand.

2: Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen brand is among the top 10 brands in Pakistan. Nishad Linen brand also makes women’s clothes as well as men’s clothes. All the big business people of Pakistan like to buy Nishat Linen brand clothes. Nishat Linen brand, which makes men’s clothes, mostly uses silk. It produces silk suits for luxury and formal occasions.

In the Nishat Linen brand, you can easily buy men’s shalwar kameez, kurta kameez, or men’s jacket; if you want to buy this shawl, then you can also buy it easily.


Outfitter is also a very famous brand in Pakistan. Outfitters carry women’s as well as men’s clothes. The outfitter’s stores will find you easily all over Pakistan. The outfitter carries men’s shalwar kameez in his store. 

Apart from this, you will easily find men’s jackets, men’s watches, and men’s shoes in their brands. An outfitter who carries men’s clothes mostly carries cotton suits. Their cotton suits are very suitable for hot weather.


There are many clothing brands in Pakistan, and all the clothing brands in Pakistan have the same desire for each clothing brand. The people of every city in Pakistan like to wear my clothes because Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in population. 

These people here like to keep themselves clean. So, people say that we should wear clean clothes, so people buy and wear good brand clothes. Apart from this, there are many festivals in Pakistan. So, people wear clothes at every festival. So just as women’s clothes are brandish. Similarly, you will find men’s clothes easily in the brand.


How many brands of clothes are there in Pakistan?

There are so many brands in Pakistan. Because many actors and film industry people work in Pakistan. And as many actors as there are, everyone has made their brand of clothes. So, among the top famous brands of Pakistan are Khaadi Sana Safinaz and Bonanza Satrangi.

What is the secret behind the popularity of the Khadi brand?

khaadi is a very famous brand in Pakistan. khaadi has its official branch in Karachi, Pakistan. Which was working in 1995. The clothes of khaadi are very soft and their fabric is very strong. And most of the bold colors are used in their fabric.

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