Top Best Bags Brands in Pakistan

Introduction To Bags Brands In Pakistan 

In this article, we can explore bags brands In Pakistan

The bag is an important part of human needs. As people have to go from one place to another, they can keep all their belongings in these bags. When people use bags, the personality of a person increases a lot. There are many types of bags, some females use bags.

 Some men go to university or college. Then they use the bag. When a person or an employee of a company is traveling, they carry a traveling bag with them. There are many brands of bags in Pakistan. Some brands make hand-carry bags for women who are going to the office or to a function festival or a guest’s house. 

In addition, some brands produce men’s bags for men who go to university or businessmen who can keep their documents inside this bag. Apart from this, some companies manufacture traveling bags. All these are the brands of bags of Pakistan, not only the bags are used in Pakistan, but some of the bag brands of Pakistan, which are good bag bands, sell bags to other countries.

Borjan bags brand in Pakistan

Bags Brands In Pakistan

Borjan is a very famous and popular brand in Pakistan. Borgen has a huge collection of shoes on display. Along with this, he keeps his biggest collection of bags. Borjan Company was established in the year 1974 and this company was established in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. 

The most important thing about Borjan is that the bags are made of quality leather. For which more and more customers prefer to buy bags from Borjan. All the bags of the Borjan brand use high quality in all their bags and besides the high quality, they also make their bags available in different styles.

Borjan brand bags for women

Borjan Bag also makes bags for women. It mostly uses leather to make the bags last longer. Borjan Bag, which manufactures bags for women, can easily find bags of different qualities. Apart from this, the price of each bag will make you look different from other bags. Because the bag with more steps or zippers will have a higher price.

Different Style Bags for Females

You will easily find bags of different styles in Borjan Brand, which are made for women’s bags. Now let’s see what styles of women’s bags you can find in their store or on their website.

Stephi Stch bag

Most of these Stephi Stch bags are used by girls who have to go to a job or they are doing some business. So, girls use these bags. Because they have many apartments, they can keep their belongings in perfect order within the apartments

Clutches bag

Clutches bag is used mostly by girls. These bags have one portion of the bag and the zipper inside them is also a zipper. If the girls have to go to a festival or visit a guest’s house, then the bag is mostly used.

Borjan brand bags for male

Borjan is one of the top brands in Pakistan and Borjan makes the best bags for men. Apart from this, along with bags, it also makes a very good briefcase for men. These briefcases are made of high-quality leather. Apart from this, the prices of men’s bags are also very low. You can buy men’s bags easily or you can also visit their official website.

Borjan brand Travelling bags for male

Most men in Pakistan move from one place to another or men go abroad. When they are going abroad, they also have to keep traveling bags with them in which they can put all their necessities of life. You are going on a picnic or you are going to have a meeting with a client. So Borjan has the facility of traveling bags, you can enjoy your trip better by taking Borjan traveling bags from them.

Stylo bags brand in Pakistan

Bags Brands In Pakistan

Stylo is a very famous company in Pakistan. Stylo Company manufactures women’s clothing as well as women’s accessories, women’s jewelry, and women’s bags. Most women in Pakistan use their own bags and buy Stylo brand bags.

You will find different styles of Stylo brand bags easily. Apart from this, the color collection of their bags will also make it easy for you to find bags of different colors.


Stylo brand has the largest collection of Clutches bags. They have a large quantity of these clutch bags because young girls keep clutch bags when they go to university or when they go to a festival. In addition, when a woman is getting married, she also mostly uses Clutches bags. We can keep concise things inside it like if we want to keep money or if girls want to keep their makeup then they can easily keep it inside these Clutches bags.


Stylo company claims that they do not make one type of bag. Stylo Company makes different style bags and in these bags one type also makes handbags. If a girl goes to go to work or she goes to teach or does any work. So, they can wear handbags. 

There are many portions built inside it and the length of the hand back is a little longer. Due to this people use handbags more. . The biggest advantage of handbags is that there are many zippers inside the handbags. 

Stylo company makes handbags made of leather. Stylo company handbags of pure leather are kept in its store, from which most of the girls buy handbags from their store.

Online buy

You can also buy bags from the style company online. If you visit their official website, you will see a lot of bags collection on the official website. You can then buy the bag of your choice from them. When you buy the bags online, they will be a bit more expensive as they will include delivery charges.

Samsonite bags brand in Pakistan

Bags Brands In Pakistan

Bags are not all the same, some bags are made for use by girls. Some bags are made for men, some bags are made for people who go to universities, colleges, or offices. Apart from this, some backpacks are made only for those people who are traveling. In traveling, they are going from one place to another or from one country to another, so they have to stop there a lot. For These Bags, Samsonite Is Best Brand

So, they want to keep all their stuff inside one bag, or when they have less stuff they want us to put our less stuff inside that bag. So, in Pakistan, Samsonite is a brand, where you will find school bags and traveling bags easily.

Samsonite school bag

Samsonite very famous brand in Pakistan. Samsonite, you can keep your school bag or if you have a laptop, you can also keep your laptop in this bag. Samsonite bag is durable and comfortable, apart from these bags you can easily buy these bags in different sizes and colors. 

You can also go to their official website and buy a Samsonite school bag. These bags are available in the market with standard features. Also, if you are looking for a durable and soft Scholl bag for your child, then you can buy a Samsonite bag and give it to your children. 

If your children are studying at the university, they will have a lot of lectures at the university. So this bag will keep them very cool and calm for these students.

Samsonite traveling bag

Samsonite company’s traveling brand is made up of great materials and is a high-quality travel bag that lasts for a long time. A lot of strong leather is applied to it and a strong polycarin material is applied inside it. 

Apart from this, you will easily find this bag in different sizes and colors in this bag. It costs around 3500 to 40000 in Pakistan; besides it has strong polycarbon material with 360-degree wheels and TS approved locking system. So that the security of these bags can be further strengthened.


Bags in Pakistan are the biggest industries of Pakistan. Pakistan not only makes bags but also earns a lot of foreign exchange and profit by exporting to foreign countries. There are many brands of bags in Pakistan, among these bags some make women’s bags and some make men’s bags. 

In addition, some companies make traveling bags, but those make men’s bags. Among them, men carry their bags when they go to Afs and women go shopping. Their separate bags are made, in addition, when women go for fashion or shopping, their clutches, handbags, and traveling bags are also made. 

All these bags are made of very good material and Leather plaster is also used in these bags.


How do people like bags in Pakistan?

Bags are not of one type, there are different types of bags. Some women have bags, some men have bags or those who go to university or college have bags. But the bags people like in Pakistan usually prefer leather bags because leather bags last longer.

Which companies make famous bags in Pakistan?

There are many companies making bags in Pakistan but the most famous company is Borjan. Borjan not only makes men’s bags, it also makes women’s bags. Apart from this, she also makes bags for the children who go to university colleges. Or if someone wants to travel, they make backs of them and keep them in their stores.

Can we buy all the brands of bags in Pakistan online?

Yes, there are many brands of bags in Pakistan. We can buy them online, if you go to their website, then you can easily go and buy them from there. Apart from this, you can also buy bags from the Daraz website. 

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